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"Hello, and “welcome” to Herpes-Eraser.com. My name is Denise Palmer and today we'll be Reviewing one of the most "talked about" Herpes treatments of 2016--> 2017. We'll be looking at HSV Eraser to see why this Natural Home Treatment continues to be one of the Best Selling Herpes treatments available online today, with over 27,442 satisfied users world wide? [Figure: Jun// 2017] Next, we'll look at how HSV Eraser™ works, and how it gets rid of Herpes permanently ! Then, you'll get to hear what real users have to say about the program. And, finally, we'll discuss whether HSV Eraser™ is 'right' for YOU.

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Due to the popularity of HSV Eraser a number of sites have recently "sprung up" trying to sell the Protocol, with "questionable" bonuses and discounts. The majority of these are not official Protocol sellers and may be looking to scam needy customers. So be aware. The best place to purchase HSV Eraser is from Dr Christine Buehler's official website HERE, where you can be sure you will receive the extra bonuses and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. >> All links on this site point to Dr Buehler's Official Website.

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HSV Eraser 'Breakthrough' ... "How to Erase Herpes In Just 21 Days"

Developed by Doctor Christine Buehler {nee Buehlern) and Doctor Ken Languin
christine buehler hsv eraserDr Christine Buehler.
Released in 2014, HSV Eraser is the breakthrough Herpes treatment developed by Doctor Christine Buehler. What makes HSV Eraser™ particularly unique is that it has been developed by a doctor who has personally experienced the challenges, shame and despair of living with Herpes. While completing her residency at John Hopkins, Doctor Buehler was devastated when she tested positive for BOTH HSV1 and HSV2. In desperation she sought the help of Doctor Ken Languin, who is a leading expert in human pathology, and widely considered to be the most authoritative researchers on sexually transmitted diseases in the country. Over the next 7 months their team tested over 120 different combinations of supplements, vitamins and compounds until they finally discovered a "breakthrough combination" that successfully "uncloaked" the Herpes Simplex Virus from the cells, thereby allowing the immune system to attack it and get rid of Herpes permanently.

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A Clinically Proven Way To Get Rid of Herpes ?

** {CLINICAL RESULTS} The 2012 Clinical Trials of HSV Eraser™ { CLINICAL RESULTS } **

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A Documented, 100% Success Rate in Clinical, University-Based Trials…

Of 479 test subjects… who had either herpes type-1, herpes type-2 or some combination of both… and who had been infected for anywhere from a 3 months to 30 years. Every single one of them was able to eliminate all traces of the herpes virus from their body in less than 21 days.

Works for Both HSV-1 and HSV-2....

Takes less than 3 weeks to complete

Done in the Privacy of your Home

NOTE: HSV Eraser's Clinical Trials are very impressive, but I do have 1 small concern Maybe I'm being a little "picky" but, ideally, I would have liked to have seen a slightly larger sample size, somewhere in the vicinity of 767 test subjects. Given the magnitude of the problem 479 subjects is a "little modest" by current international standards. Since then, however, HSV Eraser™ has built upon the success of their early Clinical trials and have currently helped over 27,442 users world-wide to get rid of Herpes permanently. [Figures: Jun // 2017] These results are "tremendously encouraging" given the "resilient" nature of the Herpes Virus and it's ability to "hide" from the immune system so,, "What Makes HSV Eraser so Unique" & "How Exactly Does It Get Rid of Herpes ?"
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"How To Get Rid of Herpes In The Privacy Of Your Home in Just 21 Days ?"

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HSV Eraser uses a brand new protocol which is designed to totally eliminate the underlying Herpes Virus , as opposed to traditional therapies that only focus on managing or "masking" the symptoms.

This is an exciting departure 'away' from traditional Episodic Therapy and daily Suppressive Treatment , both of which have tended to rely solely on antiviral medication such as Acyclovir , Valacyclovir or Famciclovir. Instead, HSV Eraser uses a Totally Natural regime of Vitamins and Minerals in a very specific way and in a very specific order to totally eliminate the Herpes Virus from your body.

... so How Exactly Does it Work ?? Now, without getting too "technical" on you, let me quickly explain the "Essential Science" that allows the Herpes Virus to "hide" from Your immune system. In a "nutshell" , Herpes is a particularly "sneaky" virus which is able to "hide" deep within your cells and remain hidden from the Immune System. It does this by encoding an "infected" protein called ICP47 (or Infected Cell Protien 47) . This is a particularly "nasty" protein that helps "cloak" the Herpes Virus, allowing it to hide from your Immune System. " This is why none of the traditional Herpes medications available on the market today are able to get rid of Herpes .... all they can do is help prevent it from 'growing' ... BUT they cannot destroy it because they can't even find it. "
... Your 2 Biggest "Roadblocks" To Getting Rid of Herpes! Traditionally, there have been 2 Major "Roadblocks" to eliminating your Herpes: 1. We need to "Expose" the Herpes Virus so it is no longer "hidden" from Your Immune System Then, we need to .... 2. Put the Immune System into "Overdrive" , so it is powerful enough to "Destroy" the Herpes Virus. To do this , HSV Eraser uses a brand new breakthrough in medical research to "attack" the Herpes virus on, not one , but two separate fronts.

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A Holistic Treatment That Is 100% Natural Without Side Effects

In essence, HSV Eraser uses a "2 pronged" Holistic approach to get rid of Herpes in just 21 days. In Part 1 - You'll be given a list of vitamins, supplements and organic compounds that are specifically designed to get your Herpes "out of hiding". Some of these you'll take for all 3 weeks, some of them you'll only take for the first week,,,, Part 1 will only last for 10 days and by the end of it you'll have created the internal reaction needed to "uncloak" the Herpes virus from your cells.... thus allowing your Immune System to begin it's "attack". In Part 2 - You'll be given a second group of vitamins and supplements which will "Supercharge" your Immune System, allowing it to destroy the Herpes virus "once and for all". Part 2 only lasts between 11 - 13 days.
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No longer will you be dependent on Pharmaceutical based antivirals to get rid of Herpes. Both Parts of HSV Eraser use an "all natural" combination of Minerals and Vitamins that you can easily find at your local Grocery or Health Store, and are free of harmful side effects.

But You're Probably Sceptical.....

That's completely understandable & while HSV Eraser is a little unconventional in it's approach to getting rid of Herpes, it is a very real solution now used by 1000's of people just like you.... people who, like you, didn't think it would work for them .. (or at all) People like: Janet Holly (of Iowa) " 100% Herpes Free for a Full 2 years."
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People like: Emilie Ruth (of Ohio) "My Doctor looked at me in Disbelief and told me...."
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People like: Kindra Macky (Maine)
"This program needs to be broadcast to every single American"

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But Is This Treatment Right for YOU ... ??

Although HSV Eraser performed very well in Clinical Trials and has a "track record" of helping over 27, 442 users world-wide, I don't think this program is suitable for everyone. I say this because it has a number of drawbacks that you'll want to consider:

Possible drawbacks

The biggest drawback to HSV Eraser , for some, will be the fact that completing the protocol takes a little time (around 3 weeks). 3 weeks may sound like quite a while to some, but for those who have suffered repeated Herpes outbreaks for 5, 10 or even 20 years, then a few weeks is no time at all.
It is also important to note that HSV Eraser is not a pill or a cream. HSV Eraser is a program that details a very specific set of instructions for eliminating the Herpes virus.
Although there are countless user comments supporting HSV Eraser the fact remains that some people are still not happy paying to download information from the internet. If the idea of paying to download an electronic publication (the Protocol) doesn’t sit well with you then I really don’t think this is the product for you.

Who Will Benefit Most from HSV Eraser ?

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In the broadest sense, anyone & everyone who suffers from Herpes. HSV Eraser will work for you even if you have only recently contracted Herpes, but it was originally developed with "long term suffers" in mind. Whether you've been infected for 3 months, or 30 years, this protocol has the ability to "get rid of Herpes & give you your life back..." Remember, HSV Eraser works "equally well" for people infected with either Genital, Oral or Facial Herpes, as well as for people suffering some combination of both. So.... in a nutshell, if you're wanting to 'take charge" of your life again, and put an end to your humiliating outbreaks, then HSV Eraser is a product you should seriously consider. But please remember, this is a proven protocol that will show you how to get rid of Herpes.... it is not an overnight miracle cure..... if you can follow a set of simple step-by-step instructions for 3 weeks then you'll be one of those who'll benefit most from this program. Just learning how to get rid of herpes is only half the battles. HOW TO GET RID OF HERPES

Comes With 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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HSV Eraser is offered through the global SPI network, who are one of the most respected payment processors in the world.

Your purchase is protected by a 60 Day , 100% Money Back Guarantee, giving you ample time to try the 21 Day protocol.

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*** WARNING ***

Due to the popularity of HSV Eraser a number of sites have recently "sprung up" trying to sell the Protocol, with "questionable" bonuses and discounts.

The majority of these are not official Protocol sellers and may be looking to scam needy customers. So be aware.

The best place to purchase HSV Eraser is from Dr Christine Buehler's official website HERE, where you can be sure you will receive the extra bonuses and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

>> All links on this site point to Dr Buehler's Official Website.

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